On the morning of January 26, 1974, what would have been Costello's 83rd birthday, he made the headlines once again. Mobster Carmine Galante ordered the doors to be blown off of Costello's mausoleum.

the reason for Galante's behavior varies depending what you read or who you ask. Here are the stories we've come across so far:

* Costello was remembered as a symbol of the old ways with his anti-drug stance. Carmine Galante had the doors bombed to signal a new era had begun where drugs would be fair game.

* Galante believed in an age old Mafia vendetta which stated no one was allowed to retire from the Mob. Costello passed away before he could be successfully taken down so his tomb was desecrated as an act of symbolism. 

* Costello had been part of a set up which had sent Galante to prison and Carmine had acted in revenge.

Frank Costello's mausoleum can be found in Saint Michael's cemetery in Queens, New York. You can still see the damage done to the doors today.

Color photographs and background by Casey McBride, 2014.

Black and white photographs by Al Aaronson/NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images.