February 18, 1973

Frank Costello Passes

Frank Costello suffered a heart seizure on February 7, 1973, while at home in his penthouse on Central Park. He was taken to Doctors Hospital on East End Avenue where he was monitored over several days, until at 7:30 am on February 18th, he suffered a coronary and passed away. 

Photograph by Paul DeMaria, courtesy of Getty Images.

His death was front page news and the New York Times devoted three full columns to his life. Bobbie requested the funeral be a private affair and asked Frank's underworld friends not to attend for fear of the publicity it would attract. Despite her efforts, both police and the press were present at the funeral. When approached by a reporter who asked why he was there, Toots Shore replied, "Because he was my friend."    

A wake was held at the Frank E. Campbell Funeral Home with family and close friends. A few curiosity seekers attempted to attend but they were spotted and removed. 

Photograph by Jim Hughes, courtesy Getty Images.

Frank Costello was laid to rest on February 21, 1973. His walnut coffin was placed in a mausoleum at Saint Michaels Cemetery in Queens, along with his sister, and his and Bobbie's parents.

Photograph by Paul DeMaria, courtesy of Getty Images.

The last known photo of Frank Costello, taken October 9, 1972, at the opening of Toots Shore's, by Ron Galella.

Mass card courtesy of Peter Gilberti.