Frank Costello came into this world on January 26, 1891, born in the hillside village of Lauropoli, located in the Italian province of Calabria. He was born to Luigi and Maria Castiglia in this house which still stands today.

Photograph of the Castiglia home by Carlos Forace, 2017.

As was common for the times, after giving birth at home Maria and her child recuperated for several days, then on Febuary 17th, Francesco Castiglia, later known to the world as Frank Costello, was baptized.

The following day, on February 18, Francesco's certificate of birth was completed. The date of birth on the certificate reads February 18, the day the certificate was filled out, not the actual day of his birth.

The certificate reads:

"Here appeared Castiglia, Luigi Domenico, 46 years of age, supervisor of the rural country, living at Cassano, Lauropoli. At 13:30, the 18th of the current month (Feb)in thier home at Via Lauropoli, fromAloise, Maria Saveria, his wife, a spinner who lives with him is born a masculine son, and he presented me the name which will be Francesco."

Background photograph of Frank Costello at age nineteen from La mia tomba e New York, by Giuseppe Selvaggi.

Special thanks to Vincent Arpa, of The Famiglia Genovese page for his translation of the certificate of birth.